About Dongdiyin (动地吟英文简介)

Dongdiyin – Poetry, Music and Dance Tour 2012

Dongdiyin ﹙动地吟﹚ is the most significant Chinese poetry recital
performance in Malaysia. Started back in 1988 under the name “The
Performance of Voices” ﹙声音的演出﹚ by acclaimed poets You Chuan
﹙游川﹚, Poh Seng Titt ﹙傅承得﹚and singer Chow Kam Leong ﹙周
金亮﹚, there have been more than 100 shows all over the country with an
accumulated audience of at least 30,000 people.

Since 2008, the show has been revitalized with new participation from more
prominent poets as well as poets from the younger generation. Additional
forms of performance with poetry as their gist, including magic, rap, songs
by local artistes, skits from Booknest and dances from Dua Space Dance
Theater, have further enriched the artistic appeal of the show.

Waves of positive reviews from both the Chinese literature circle and
the viewers were found in numerous publication and blogs, and these
commentaries have been compiled into a 480-page book, published by
Mentor Publishing Sdn. Bhd., the current organizer of Dongdiyin.

The coming shows in year 2012 see new innovation from Hands Percussion
with theatrical drumming. Furthermore, the venues are unconventional, to
say the least –from the sky, to the sea, to a stage immersed in hundreds of
years of history. On the stage of Dongdiyin, poetry comes alive. Dongdiyin
is the show that its audience has been longing to see.

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