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我看动地吟的工委们没有注意到吧?The Star在2008年也曾经报导过动地吟!

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Oct 16, 2008  –  A GROUP of local poets, singers and musicians came together to raise RM110,000 for the Sam Cheng Everloving Care Welfare Society’s annual education programme.

The charity cultural concert organised by the society was held at a packed Han Chiang High School Hall recently.

Recipients of the education aid and their parents attended the four-hour show.

Two members of the Dong Di Yin group performing at the charity cultural concert.

The Dong Di Yin group put up a lively performance expressing their feelings, thoughts and opinions on the current issues in the country through poetry declamation, dances, songs and musical presentation.

The group was set up in the 1980s at a time when the country was troubled by various political issues.

Local poets formed the group to express their feelings and thoughts through poetry and music and this won them enthusiastic feedback from the public.

Dong Di Yin began its first tour in Malaysia in 1989 with six shows being held in Johor Baru, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Baru and Malacca to bring people closer to the world of poetry and Chinese literature.

In 1990, five shows were held.

Ten. years later, the group came together again, this time to put up 22 shows in the country featuring young poets like Lim Kim Cherng, Looi Yook Tho, Zhang Guang Qian, Chew Ruoh Peng and singer Regine Tai.

The young performers also performed at shopping malls in the country to spread the influence of poetry.

Dong Di Yin members belting out a song during the concert.

Following the passing away of one of the group’s members You Chuan in April last year, his troupe members held roadshows in the country in his memory.

Under the Sam Cheng Everloving Care Welfare Society’s education programme, the society gives out monthly aid to poor children studying in Chinese schools.

Students who successfully go through an interview by the society receive a monthly aid of between RM50 and RM200 to help ease their family’s financial burden.

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